What's going on this week. 6/21/17

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Hello everyone. We wanted to let everyone know about a few things we have coming up.

First, for Thursday night's game, 6/22/17, we are playing Let's Make A Trason Deal. This game will be a lot of fun. How this works is you will have two bags in front of you, Bag A and Bag B. You will choose one of the bags during your turn. You will not know what is in either bag, but each and every bag will contain more than $ 30.00 worth of merchandise. Some of the bags will have more than that, and a few will have a LOT more in them. Every turn will have two bags to choose from. We only have a limited number of spots, so even if we sell out, there will be ONE bag left over. So we decided to make that bag the prize for the Share Drawing. This will be the BEST Share Drawing Prize we have ever had. So, even those who didn't get to purchase will have the chance to win one of the bags. We also will be having a pre-order drawing which will be for everyone who buys their spot before 7 pm EDT Thursday. Be sure to invite your friends and have them to like the page and share the video PUBLICLY.

Second, for Friday, 6/23/17, we will be having our first Auction Show. That's right, the entire show will be devoted to nothing but auction items. We have held a couple of auctions at the end of shows and the response has been huge! Many of you have asked for more auctions, and as you know, we always try to meet requests. The auction will start Friday night @ 7:30 PM EDT. Since this is an auction, no need for purchasing ahead of time, so their WILL NOT be a pre-order drawing. This is going to be a great chance for you to get exactly the items you have been wanting. We will be auctioning SO and .925 SS Pendants, oysters, loose pearls, bracelets, rings, pearl mounts, jewelry with pearls already mounted, and more. These auctions go quick, but they are filled with excitement. Be sure to come and check out the auction!

Third, we are working on a game for next Friday, 6/30/17. This game will be called Pearlopoly, The Game of Games. It uses a Monopoly type board, and you will move around a board. The best part is, the space you land on will have a game name on it. So when you land on the space, you play THAT GAME! So in your turn, you have the chance to play several games, and win merchandise on EACH AND EVERY GAME you play. There will also be chances to win free games, extra oysters, jewelry, and more. We are unsure yet of the cost and exactly which games we will use, but as you know, we have many games to choose from. This will probably be a long show, but it will be an incredible amount of fun! More details will come soon!

Thanks everyone for you continued support of our business, and we are constantly working to find new items and new games for you to win! See you soon!



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