Here you will find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions:
   We at PEARL PARTY CRAZY strive to please our customers with the highest quality products for the lowest prices with the fastest , friendliest, fun, and exciting experience. We provide a vast amount of items at different prices to ensure that everyone, regardless of economic status, can enjoy the experience of our shows. We do not allow no drama, no disrespect, no harassment, no discussing other pearl parties at our shows. We have and will always: Wish them nothing but success and prosperity.
1) Where do the oysters come from? 
    They come from an oyster farm in Japan and Asia.
2) What type of pearls are these?
    AAA Akoya saltwater pearls
3) Can you eat the oysters?
    NO. Please do not. These oysters are not edible and come vacuumed sealed and preserved in an alcohol based solution.
4) How do you estimate, value, and size the pearl?
    We at PEARL PARTY CRAZY are not jewelers. On our business page, we have a chart based by the National Pearl Association of the United States. It displays the color and size to determine an estimate only. We recommend you to use a professional jeweler to give you accurate appraisal.
5) Can I resale the pearls?
    Most jewelers buy loose pearls in bulk from distributors and do not buy from an individual.
6) Am I guaranteed a pearl with my opening?
   99.9% of the time, the oysters have a pearl inside. Our oysters go through an inspection process before we open the sealed package. However, if at any time during the live shows we have an oyster that does not have a pearl, we open another oyster. You are guaranteed a pearl during the live shows, however we cannot assure that when you buy the oysters to open at home. To ensure you will be replaced with another oyster, PEARL PARTY CRAZY will NOT replace open at home oysters unless you have a video of the beginning to the end of the process of opening the sealed oyster.
7) Do they smell?
    They do have a an odor to a wear dog. It does not smell fishy, like most would assume.
8) Are the oysters alive?
    NO! They have lived out their life and were not killed in order to be shipped.
9) How long does it take for a pearl to grow?
    AAA Akoya saltwater pearls 3-6 years. At the end of their growth, the oyster is no longer living and they are harvested from their well cared farmed environment to us.
10) What is the largest pearl you have ever found or opened?
      An 8.3 mm pink in color
11) Are the pearls real?
      YES. Every pearl that comes from PEARL PARTY CRAZY is 100% real.
12) Can I pick the color of my pearl(s)?
     No, we at PEARL PARTY CRAZY order all of our oysters mixed---We do not sell certain colors for increased prices. When we open the oyster, it is as much as a surprise to us, as it is to you.
13) How do they get their color...Are they dyed?
      When the oyster is in the beginning stages of life--- an organic dye is randomly inserted into the meat of the oyster. This is done before the irritant (ex. a grain of sand) has started to form into the pearl. Over time, the pearl will begin to form nacre that is formed around the irritant and the dye will merge ---while rubbing against the mother of pearl to create the stunning color pearls. The pearls are NOT dyed after being fully formed.
14) Do you work for a company?
      NO. We are independently owned and operated.
15) Can I become a consultant for PEARL PARTY CRAZY?
      At this time, we are not adding consultants to our company. We are however, working on a program. Once we have complied all the details and information, we will post all the information to our business page.
16) Do you have hostesses for your parties?
      At this time, we do not have hostesses for our love parties, however we do offer at home parties. If interested, please send an email to pearlpartycrazy@gmail.com for all the details.
17) How do I know when you are going to be live?
      PEARL PARTY CRAZY has live parties on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday every week at 7 pm EST. However, we are on everyday with POPUP videos that allow our viewers special offers, announcements, giveaways, games, etc. We encourage all to like and follow our page. If you have not liked or followed our page, you will not be eligible for the giveaways.
18) Do I have to buy jewelry with my oysters?
      NO. We are set up in a way that you can purchase what you want. If you only want the pearls, all you have to order is an opening or open at home. If you would like jewelry as well, you can order just the jewelry.
19) Are you using a knife?
      NO. We use a curved shucker that is designed to open the oyster without harming or scratching the pearls inside.
We do not give refunds on the pearls. We do allow returns on jewelry within a 10 day period after the delivery of the package per the tracking label. It must be in a well packaged, protected envelope with a postage paid envelope with your return address and a tracking number from the shipping company of your choice. You must first contact us at pearlpartycrazy@gmail.com to receive a confirmation code before returning.
Shipping must be paid for all mailed items including giveaways before we mail items to you. If you have not paid within 48 hours, we will void the transaction and you will be banned and blocked. We do not offer free shipping.
Shipping times varies on the order placed. MOST of the time when we open live , the order will be shipped out within 5-7 days (delivery within 10-14 days) excluding weekends and holidays. PLEASE NOTE... if you order an OUT OF STOCK item, we can not guarantee a delivery date, due to we are not guaranteed a delivery date from our distributors.
DISCLAIMER: Once we have a tracking number for your order, we are not responsible for your order. 
Please make sure we have your correct address before you place an order. We use the address when ordering to mail, of it is different----please notify us immediately via email to pearlpartycrazy@gmail.com
NOTE...Once we have a tracking number we are not responsible for or have control over the USPS and the scanning process. We have the same information as you do---we both follow the tracking number.